31 May 2006

This is some cocoa Karl had Saturday afternoon at Ritual Coffee Roasters, near where he lives in the Mission in San Francisco.

This is some pizza I had Sunday chez Charlotte in Fremont, California. Or she called it pizza, anyway. Barry refused to accept the designation, and I think Charlotte's friend Dan also looked most dubious, though he was too polite to say.

There were several varieties. Clockwise (and in order of production), from left: (1) barbecue sauce, roasted chicken, and cheese, on a mochi crust; (2) marinara, shrimp, salmon, and dill, on a soy crust; (3) marinara, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce, laap cheung, gailan, and green onions, on a wheat crust.

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Wolfgang Yuck said...

The pizza at Chez Charlotte is as interesting as the chef herself--an American classic with slightly confused Chinese and Japanese influences. The food is creative, conflicted, complex and even incongruous, but never, ever boring or bland.