30 May 2008

23 May 2008

Trivial Preoccupations

"Please do not become alarmed--please use the button marked 'alarm,'" I read aloud in wonderment.

P snorted. "And the spelling's not very good either, or--wait, this one's different. One of the elevators has a word spelled wrong, and an extra colon or semicolon or something, too."

"You really are a compulsive proofreader, aren't you," I commiserated, but then I thought he was having me on. How likely was it, really, that there would be different versions of the same sign posted in different elevators?

But later I got in Car 7, and sure enough, when I compared it with my photo from Car 8, there was the very colon P had complained of.

Did it have, though, the grammatical problem of Car 8? I cannot be sure.

Will I be compelled, next time I'm in that building, to ride all 16 elevators so I can photograph the signs and compare? Dear me.

But I refuse to become alarmed, despite my current distance from any "alarm" button to act in my stead.

14 May 2008


Signs on this general theme have been appearing in this general location for a couple of years now. I suppose the desired result must not yet have been achieved.

08 May 2008

Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary

Those blue splotches all along the white fence are Hillary posters. There's one in the front window, too. (The blue house to the right contented itself with a single Obama sign.)

06 May 2008

Can Identify Cats, Can't Spell

Myself, I don't know what a Siamese looks like. I suppose really that's more important than the spelling.