30 June 2008


This seems odd. Is attempting to cross the street to be construed as suicidal? Are they trying to save walkers from themselves? (The small print in the picture, too blurry--sorry--to read, says "American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.")

29 June 2008

Oh, I See

I noticed one day that the Ban Ignorance, Not Dogs banner was gone from its railing at Mercer and Dexter, and then a couple of days later that it was back, with a URL. So now I know.

27 June 2008

More Literature

This one is in German.

10 June 2008

04 June 2008

Pit Bulls

"Ban ignorance, not dogs?" read one of the hairy dudes at the corner.

"Who's trying to ban dogs?" wondered the other.

"It's a pit bull," one realized, looking at the picture. That, apparently, explained everything.

"Ban ignorance, not children," one tried out. The other one demanded an explanation, which I didn't hear because the light had turned and they were moving away.

In the morning, moving the other direction, I was stopped again by the light. There was another woman there.

"Excuse me," I said, "Do you happen to know what that sign means? I've been wondering about it for several days, that one over there that says, 'Ban ignorance, not dogs.'"

"Well, many people who live in apartments or condos aren't allowed to have dogs," she said very slowly and clearly, as if to two or three dozen mental deficients. "And that is a pit bull, which is not allowed even in many places where other dogs are allowed. Many people who own dogs have very strong feelings about them."

The light turned.

"Thank you," I said.

"At least, that's what I think it means," she said, in a more normal tone of voice. "I'm a dog owner, you know."

01 June 2008